What to Expect

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Step 1


In the complimentary 30-minute initial consultation, we identify what concerns you most, your immediate priorities, and what things can be done quickly to begin resolving the issues.

In the second appointment, we spend time getting to know you. The better we know you, the more effective we can be. We begin a series of assessments—nursing, psychosocial, medication, and home/safety—to identify potential problems and target the most pressing areas.

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Step 2


We review our findings from the assessments with you, and based on your feedback, we develop a written care strategy with short- and long-term goals. We meet with you and any family members, caregivers, or support people you wish to include, to outline interventions and review the plan. This way everyone is on the same page.

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Step 3


We remain with you thereafter, to ensure the interventions are effective and goals are being met. We act as your liaison by streamlining services, coordinating care and communications, and saving you money.

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